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 NWB:  Neurophysiology Governance Structure

To guide the next phase of growth, and to coordinate the various efforts, NWB: Neurophysiology has created a governance structure. This will allow NWB: Neurophysiology to grow in a bottom-up, but coordinated manner. Participation in the project is open to any interested neuroscientist, with overall planning coordinated by an Executive Board (EB) with seven members, each appointed for a term of 2-3 years.

The EB will perform the following duties:

  1. Develop NWB policies, including issue regarding licensing, code repositories, etc
  2. Define the scope of NWB: Neurophysiology
  3. Organize sustainable funding for NWB: Neurophysiology
  4. Coordinate a unified and coherent fund-raising strategy
  5. Coordinate communication regarding NWB: Neurophysiology, including web sites, community outreach, publications
  6. Make strategic decisions
  7. Organize and oversee the activities of a Technical Advisory Board (TAB)
  8. Provide input for major technical decisions to the TAB

Current Membership of the Executive Board

Current Membership of the Technical Advisory Board

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