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NWB provides software for interacting with and analyzing NWB files in both Python (PyNWB) and MATLAB (MatNWB). Please see the links below for tutorials and documentation for each.



Video tutorials:

The Kavli Foundation will be hosting webcasts (Google Hangouts) about NWB, including how to use the NWB data format, in the near future.

Please join our mailing list to receive updates — including upcoming events and tutorials — as well as announcements about future NWB projects.

If you have technical questions about the NWB data format, please Contact Us.

Previous versions of NWB (1.0 and earlier)

Sean Mackesey has produced an interactive tutorial in Jupyter notebook that explains the structure of NWB and takes users through the process of reading and writing an NWB 1 file.  Try it out here.

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