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Governance Structure

To guide the next phase of growth, and to coordinate the various efforts, NWB has created a governance structure. This will allow NWB to grow in a bottom-up, but coordinated manner. Participation in the project is open to any interested neuroscientist, with overall planning coordinated by an Executive Board (EB).

The Executive Board

The executive board consists of seven members, each appointed for a term of 2-3 years. The EB will perform the following duties:

  1. Develop NWB policies, including issue regarding licensing, code repositories, etc
  2. Define the scope of NWB
  3. Organize sustainable funding for NWB
  4. Coordinate a unified and coherent fund-raising strategy
  5. Coordinate communication regarding NWB, including web sites, community outreach, publications
  6. Make strategic decisions
  7. Organize and oversee the activities of the core development team
  8. Provide input for major technical decisions to the core development team

Current Membership of the Executive Board

Executive Board Alumni

Developer Community

NWB values open source software and practices. Many users and developers from our community have contributed to NWB as part of hackthons, bug fixes, new features, and tools. Details about the contributors to our various software are available on our NWB GitHub Organization and the different GitHub repositories: NWB Schema, PyNWB, MatNWB, HDMF among many others.

Previous Funders and Partners

Initial development of NWB:N was funded by GE, the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), The Kavli Foundation and the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility. Our initial development partners were and Kitware. Our founding scientific partners are the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the Svoboda Lab at the Janelia Research Campus of HHMI, the Meister Lab at the California Institute of Technology, the Buzsáki Lab at New York University School of Medicine, and the Sommer Lab at the University of California, Berkeley.

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