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Neuroscience labs are increasingly using NWB to process and analyze data in their research and to store and share their data with collaborators and the public. Below is an incomplete list of labs that use NWB.

  • Allen Brain Observatory, Allen Institute for Brain Science: studying vision across many recording modalities including simulation, calcium imaging, and electrophysiology
  • György Buzsáki Lab, NYU: extracellular electrophysiology, hippocampus and spatial memory
  • Edward Chang Lab, UCSF: ECoG, neurolinguistics
  • Attila Losonczy Lab, Columbia: calcium imaging, hippocampus and spatial memory
  • Mark Schnitzer Lab, Stanford: calcium imaging and extracellular electrophysiology
  • Ivan Soltesz Lab, Stanford: simulation, hippocampus and spatial memory
  • Loren Frank Lab, University of California, San Francisco: circuitry of the hippocampus and anatomically related regions, large scale multielectrode recording, real-time signal processing and targeted optogenetic interventions and behavioral manipulations
  • Kristofer Bouchard Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: functional organization and dynamic coordination in brain, in vivo multi-scale electrophysiology and optogenetics in rodents.
  • See also our list of seed grant recipients for additional labs using NWB

Other labs coming soon…

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