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NWB GitHub Organizations

All NWB software is available open source via the following GitHub organizations:

  • Neurodata Without Borders: All software resources published by the NWB organization are available online as part of our GitHub organization
  • HDMF: The HDMF GitHub organization is used to publish all software related to the Hierarchical Data Modeling Framework (HDMF). HDMF has been developed as part of the NWB project and builds the foundation for PyNWB Python API for NWB.
  • NWB Extensions: The NWB Extenstion Catalog Github organization is used to manage all source repositories for the NDX catalog.

User interfaces and standard:

  • PyNWB: Python API for reading/writing NWB data files and creating extensions to NWB.
  • MatNWBMATLAB API for reading and writing NWB data files
  • NWB Schema: NWB data standard specification and documentation of the specification language, and storage specification


  • Hierarchical Data Modeling Framework (HDMF): Python package for working with hierarchical data. It provides APIs for specifying data models, reading and writing data to different storage backends, and representing data with Python object. HDMF builds the foundation for the PyNWB API.
  • HDMF Documentation Utilities (hdmf-docutils): Utility tools for creating documentation for data standard specifications
  • HDMF Schema Language: Documentation of the HDMF specification language used to specify the NWB data standard schema.
  • HDMF Common Schema: The HDMF Common specification, defines a collection of common, reusable data structures that build the foundation for modeling of advanced data formats, e.g., NWB.
  • NWB Extensions Template: Template for creating Neurodata Extensions (NDX) for the NWB data standard.
  • NWB Staged Extensions: Repository for submitting new extensions to the NDX catalog
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