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NWB:N 2.0 Beta Released

A first public beta release of NWB:N 2.0 is available for SfN. The intent of this beta release is to enable early adopters to start exploring the new software and format. In particular, this release includes a first beta release…

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NWB:N version 2.0 coming soon

Neurodata Withtout Borders – Neurophysiology (NWB:N) aims to provide the neuroscience community a critically needed resource for standardization of neurophysiology data sets. The original NWB:N project defined the philosophy and basic functionality required of this standard, and provided an initial…

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Beta Version Released

After extensive testing by the users and developers of the NWB Neurophysiology Data Format, the beta version of the data format has been released to the science community.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions! The API can be downloaded from github as…

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